Stay at Pure without any commitment!

We have two options for those who cannot come to classes at least eight times per month. If you can come eight times, our unlimited membership is always the best value - so these options are only for those who cannot come at least twice a week but still want to practice Pilates with us. So for those who can only come seven times a month or less - your choices are:

Limited membership

This is for the semi-committal. This monthly auto-draft has all of the member benefits of the unlimited with a fixed number of six classes per month. At $250 per month (compared to $349 unlimited), limited members can book classes as far out at 2020, earn free late cancellation rewards and can cancel or suspend anytime.

Class Package - twenty classes

For those who need to come whenever they can but they don’t know when that will be, or it’s just once a week, then the twenty pack is our solution for you. You receive twenty classes that are good for one whole year. Package holders and limited members can share their classes with friends and family as well.