Why Pilates at Pure? Because…

pilates will make you stronger

We teach real Pilates to improve balance, restore posture, strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and mobility, and to restore pain free living to the athletic and fit to the just getting started. Pure is the #1 boutique Pilates studio.

We are fully trained

All of our teachers comprehensively certified.  Certification insures safety AND EFFECTIVENESS.

You will get attention

We limit our equipment classes to 6 people and our mat classes to 10.  Because classes are smaller, we are able to modify and adjust for each client.  When a class is too large for your needs, we work one on one with you.

Why You'll LOVE Pilates

It works for everyone

All of our Pure Body Studio classes cater to all abilities and all fitness levels. Whether you love pilates, or have never tried it before, there will be a Pure Body Studio class or session for you. Clients of Pilates range from professional athletes, to recently recovering from surgery, to preventing surgery, to new moms, to hard working dads and everyone in between. There’s

You will See results, fast

You will see results quickly after doing Pilates consistently in just a couple of weeks. You will be stronger. You will have better posture. Aches and pains will leave you. Life gets easier. You will be more flexible. It happens fast.

You will be more stable

Pilates will improve your posture, reduce back pain, improve endurance and performance in sports and builds a long and lean muscle, no bulk. You will have balanced muscle development, more mobility, more efficiency in moving and a decrease in any pain or posture problems.

You will breathe better

The benefits of greater breathing control are well-documented, ranging from reduced stress to improved focus. Pilates will re-train your ability to breathe, ensuring you have greater control and enhanced concentration. You will maximize your blood oxygen levels and feel energized and ready for the rest of your day. Most of us breathe poorly, after one Pilates class you’ll be able to breathe better.

Doing Pilates will prevent injuries

The very best approach you can take for both your health and overall level of functioning, is to be proactive. Improving strength and agility will help you avoid injuries caused by muscle imbalances and poor flexibility & mobility. Pilates at Pure Body Studio will help you improve poor or incorrect movement patterns, reducing overall risk of injury.


Achieving better balance does more than help you walk in a straight line — your ability to improve your balance will decrease your risk of falling.  As your neuromuscular coordination improves, so does your balance, helping your muscles communicate with your brain more effectively.

first month unlimited

Take every group class and try every teacher for 30 days to get a taste of Pure Body Studio. We encourage at least two visits a week however, three to four will leave you feeling amazing.

Best Value, best way to get started.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

3 Individual Sessions

New to Pilates or not interested in classes?   Begin with 3 individual sessions. Transition into group classes or stick with 1:1s, it's up to you!               

Great for anyone unsure of how to get started or suffering from major pains or injuries.