Pure Body Studio team members Lindsey L., Heather E., Andriette, Heather G. and Kayla.  


STudio team leader

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide excellent customer service to our clients
  • Maintain the Pure Body Studio aesthetic and appearance
  • Responsible for hitting daily/monthly/quarterly/annual studio sales goals
  • Manage all aspects of the Pure Body Studio experience
  • Acts with integrity, honesty, and knowledge that promotes the culture, community, and values of Pure Body Studio
  • Maintain a clean and organized facility
  • Maintain a calm demeanor at all times
  • Anticipate client needs by constantly evaluating the environment
  • Contribute to the positive community by encouraging and helping out other team members and clients
  • Various administrative roles such as signing clients up for memberships, entering data, and answering questions


  • Fun and supportive work environment
  • Ability to take any class when there is space ($349 value)
  • Flexible scheduling
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pilates teacher


  • Comprehensive Pilates Certification, all schools are considered

  • Punctual, reliable and dedicated
  • Desire to build a successful business in an entrepreneurial environment

  • Focus on customer service, including professional and effective communication skills

  • Willingness to learn MindBodyOnline software

  • Willingness to understand what Pure Body Studio offers and direct clients to the classes or teachers that best fit their needs

  • To be a team player


  • Providing classes and/or individual sessions

  • Teaching clients using proper form and safe methods 

  • Visually inspecting the equipment prior to each class to ensure it is in good working order and safe to use

  • Maintaining a clean and orderly workout environment

  • Assisting with membership sales and checking clients in

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