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Pure Body has exceeded my expectations. I look forward to my workouts because the instructors are excellent and the overall experience is hassle free. I feel so good after Pilates—it’s challenging, uplifting, and sustainable.
— Susan F. - Google Review
I have been a client at Pure Body Studio since 2011. I have taken all of their classes on the schedule. The instructors and staff are personable, friendly, and always happy to answer questions. Everyone who works there is upbeat, positive, and genuinely interested in the you as a client. The classes give you a full body workout every single class. I always leave sweating and feeling strong. Each client receives individual attention during class whether your form is corrected or you are given a more challenging version of the exercise.
— Katherine M. - Google Review
I recently started going to Pure Body Studio and really enjoyed it. It’s a very clean studio and they have all the equipment you’ll need there. Everyone is very friendly and they all know everyone by name. The class sizes are small so they’re able to give everyone attention and make corrections if needed. They also know who the beginners are and will give enough explanation of the exercises to be able to keep up and follow along. I haven’t taken classes with everyone in the studio but I enjoyed Lindsey’s classes. She was full of energy and made class enjoyable. I also enjoyed Andriette’s classes because she really challenged me which was something I wanted.
— Miranda R. - Google Review
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pilates, fitness, workout, orange theory,  west u, bellaire, 77025

Why You're Going to LOVE Pure Body Studio


To ensure our clients get everything we promise we limit our equipment classes to 6 people and our mat classes to 12.  We are able to modify and adjust for each client.   When a 1:6 or 1:12 ratio is still too large for your needs, we work one on one until small group classes are the right fit.


Pure Body Studio teaches Pilates to restore balance, restore posture, strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and restore pain free living.  From the super fit to the just getting started, we're ready to show you why Pure is the #1 boutique studio in HTX.  


All of our teachers are either comprehensively trained or in the process of becoming comprehensively trained.  Certification insures safety AND EFFECTIVENESS

Why You'll LOVE Pilates


All of our Pure Body Studio classes cater to all abilities and all fitness levels. Whether you love pilates, or have never tried it out before, there will be a Pure Body Studio class or session for you.


One of the biggest benefits of Pilates is that it is a total body workout - challenging you physically and relaxing you mentally. While you might be tired heading into class, your whole body will feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards.


You will see results quickly after doing Pilates. This is a motivating factor in encouraging people to return to the next class. It's also a reason many athletes, models and celebs are hooked on this form of exercise.


In order to build a strong core, you need to do more than a few crunches after work. Pilates is the perfect way to strengthen your core stability, leading to everything from improved posture to reduced back pain, as well as greater organ support. In turn, individuals also experience a more toned body, balanced muscle development, increased mobility, more efficiency in moving.


The benefits of greater breathing control are well-documented, ranging from reduced stress to improved focus. Pilates helps you re-train your ability to breathe, ensuring you have greater control and enhanced concentration. In turn, you will maximize your blood oxygen levels and feel energized and ready for you day.


The very best approach you can take for both your health and overall level of functioning, is to be proactive. Improving strength and agility will help you avoid injuries caused by muscle imbalances and poor flexibility & mobility. Pure Body Studio can help you improve poor or incorrect movement patterns, reducing overall risk.


Achieving optimal balance does more than help you walk in a straight line — your ability to improve your balance will allow you to move more efficiently and decrease your risk of falling.  As your neuromuscular coordination improves, so does your balance, helping your muscles communicate with your brain more effectively.

STRENGTH AND playfulness

The reformer and other apparatus are amazing pieces of equipment, and part of that is how fun they are!  You get the resistance training you need and enjoy, but also get to feel some length and flexibility.  Add to that the straps and hanging on bars and the fact that the equipment can look like a jungle gym, and you are bound to have some fun and enjoy yourself.  You get to be tough, strong and graceful all at once.


1 month unlimited

Take every group class and try every teacher for 30 days to get a taste of Pure Body Studio. We recommend you come TWICE A WEEK to build a strong practice and get your maximum results.