Welcome to Pure!


Why Pure Body Studio? 

Pure Body Studio teaches Pilates to restore balance, restore posture, strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and restore pain free living.  From the super fit to the just getting started, we're ready to show you why Pure is the #1 boutique studio in HTX.  

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small classes 

To ensure our clients get everything we promise we limit our equipment classes to 6 people and our mat classes to 12.  We are able to modify and adjust for each client.   When a 1:6 or 1:12 ratio is still too large for your needs, we work one on one until small group classes are the right fit.

pure body studio, pilates, houston, texas, fitness, barre, yoga

certified teachers

Pure Body Studio has very high standards for our teachers.  All of our teachers are either comprehensively trained or in the process of becoming comprehensively trained.  Check out our bios for more specific information.  


new client unlimited

New client One Month Unlimited, $249.  Take every class and try every teacher. Not sure to start?  No problem, call or email us and we'll guide you based on your individual goals and needs.  


health form 

Please fill out this questionnaire before arriving for your first class or session.