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Our teacher training program was born organically from the request of Pure Body Studio teachers.  Our teacher training program matches our studio values of high integrity, scientific movement principles and dedication to authentic Pilates with outcomes described and articulated by Joseph Pilates. 

Real :teacher training

A comprehensive program spanning 600 hours which include lecture, movement practice and exploration, student teaching, practice teaching, observation and testing.  Each student is required to pass a practicum at the end of their study in order to receive a certificate of completion.  All of our students are then qualified to take the PMA CPT exam.  

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Our Comprehensive Course schedule

is live & registration is open on our teacher training site



This module covers important aspects of the full comprehensive course including the history of Pilates, topical anatomy, common pathologies, professionalism and ethics in the Pilates industry, working with a study group, details about the apprentice program and more.  


Mat i

Mat I is an eighteen hour module covering the beginner and some intermediate mat exercises. The text for this module is Return To Life by Joseph Pilates.  We also require the study of Your Health by Joseph Pilates.  


mat ii

Mat II is an eighteen hour module covering the remaining intermediate and all of the advanced mat Pilates exercises.  In addition to the building blocks learned in Module I you will learn the standing arm series, pre-pilates and the magic circle exercises.  



reformer 1

Like the mat modules, Reformer I, II and III cover all of the exercises most commonly taught on the reformer from beginner (module I), intermediate (module II) and advanced (module III).  Prior reformer practice required.  

reformer ii

Intermediate refomer.  

reformer iii

Advanced reformer and jump board. 


apparatus i

Apparatus I, II and III cover beginner, intermediate and advanced movements on the cadillac, chair, spine corrector and ladder barrel.  Some experience on these pieces of apparatus is expected but not necessarily required.  

apparatus ii

Intermediate apparatus. 

apparatus iii

Advanced apparatus and Ped-i-Pul.  


Pure Body Studio : Teacher Training  We use all of the apparatus found in a modern authentic studio.  Those both classical and contemporary equipment including the reformer, the cadillac, the high back chair and wunda chair, the mat, the ped-o-pul, the ladder barrel, spring boards, jump boards, neck stretcher, foot corrector, arm chair, rings and more.

Pre-requisites  Include a working knowledge of anatomy, a minimum of 75 personal Pilates practice hours, an understanding of Joseph Pilates and a passion to learn the full Pilates program.  

Reading list Titles written by Blandine Calais-Germain, especially Anatomy of Movement.  Return to Life and Your Health by Joseph Pilates are required.  Pilates Method Alliance study guide.   

Our students are qualified to sit for the Pilates Method Alliance, Certified Pilates Teacher exam upon completion of our program.  After passing that exam, you will be a Pilates Method Alliance, Certified Pilates Teacher.  

We deliver quality programming to a select group of passionate students. The full program spans a year but can be broken up in smaller portions, taking longer than a year to complete.  

The cost of our program is $6300.  Space is extremely limited, payment is required to hold your spot.  

To sign up, you can pay in full ($6300) here.  More information can be found here:  purebodyteachertraining.com 

You can also pay with a payment plan.  To do so online requires the following steps:
1. Head to our scheduling website, Pure Body Teacher Training 
2. Leave the start date 9/1 and scroll to the bottom of the page, click to agree and then “make purchase”.  
3. Create an account or sign in to an existing account and simply follow the prompts. 

4.  $750 will be charged on your card to register for the program and then $750 will be billed to your card on the first of each of the following eight months.

5. Look on the Teacher Training tab,  scroll down to the Houston course, enroll in that course.  

If you have any trouble registering this way, simply add a credit card to your account details (once logged in > account), email the studio and we will enroll you.  info@purebodystudio.com.  

apprentice program 

The apprentice program at Pure Body Studio is open to two applicants who embody the core values of our program which are;  integrity, honesty, open mindedness, dedication and strong work ethic.  

The next apprentice experience will begin in December 2018.