Welcome to Pure Body Studio.

 please take a moment and enjoy our virtual tour. 

Our studio houses three areas, the reformer class area in the front, the mat class area in the middle and the TRX and Chair class area in the back. Individual sessions are done throughout the space and can utilize a reformer, cadillac, ladder barrel, chair, arc, ped-o-pul, foot corrector, TRX, mat, spring board and more. We have just over 2000 square feet (and we use every square inch!) nestled between Braeswood Place and West University Place on Bellaire Blvd.. We opened in August 2010 and have enjoyed bringing authentic Pilates and high integrity movement classes to the neighborhood for the past five + years. Our staff is educated and motivating and our general vibe is one of non-judgement and encouragement. We hope you enjoy the virtual tour.  Feel free to call or email with any questions!