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customize your experience and make it your own.

Practice Pilates one on one with one of our comprehensively certified teachers. Comprehensive training is something you’d expect but our studio is one of the only studios in Houston with teachers who hold this highest level of Pilates education.

In ten sessions you’ll feel a difference, in twenty sessions you’ll see a difference and in thirty sessions you’ll have a new body
— Joseph Pilates

Fine print: *Memberships are auto draft programs, paid on the first of every month with a two month commitment. 30 days written notice is required for cancellation, simply email to request the cancellation form. Due to the small size of our classes we ask for a cancellation prior to six (8 for 6am classes) hours before class time.  If cancellations occur within 6 hours (8 hours for 6am classes) a late cancellation fee or loss of class may occur. All individual sessions require 24 hour cancellation notice. Equipment memberships allow for one equipment class per day.  

*Wait lists are treated like a reserved class. You will be moved into the class you're hoping for as close to five minutes before the start of your class, and we'll always send an email confirmation when you've been added (make sure you're opted into our emails!). As soon as you know you can no longer make it to class, please remove yourself from the wait list to insure that you are not added. We do our absolute best to make sure all that want to come to class, can. Once you move from the waiting list into the class, our late cancellation policy applies if you miss the class you were waiting for.