Why Pure Body Studio?


Pure Body Studio uses evidence based Pilates to develop healthy bodies.  That means we restore balance, fix bad posture, realign muscles and bones to their natural positions, add strength and tone to muscles, restore natural mobility to tight and overused muscles, open up tight areas, strengthen weak areas, elongate muscles to allow joints to move freely, eliminate nerve pain, eliminate muscles spasms, sprains, strains, restore pain free living and more.  

Pure Body Studio teaches small classes to ensure our clients get everything listed above.  Our equipment classes are limited to 6 people and our mat classes are limited to 12.  Because our classes are small and our instructors are highly educated we are able to modify and adjust each client to fit their needs.  When a 1:6 or 1:12 ratio is still too large for your needs, we work one on one until small group classes are the right fit. 

Pure Body Studio is the only authentic Pilates studio in Houston to offer an Orientation Class.  Why do we do this?  Well, it's for two reasons.  One - typically when you join a real Pilates studio you are required to do a set number of 1:1 sessions and that can be costly.  So for those that don't want to join that way (you can still join that way if you'd like!) you are invited to our orientation class.  Two - if you're going to do it, we know you want to do it right.  Pilates is confusing and hard and probably unlike any movement class you've ever experienced.  Not only do we tell you things specific to you in our orientation, we go over a couple of movements that have the highest potential for injury or confusion and we make sure our newbies understand those moves, know what to do for their specific issues and are ready to join a class and not be lost or worse - get hurt. 

Pure Body Studio firmly believes in real Pilates.  We are not trying to be anything other than a real, authentic Pilates studio.  Pilates was invented to restore balance, increase control, develop strength and realign the body.  Pilates was never meant to replace your cardio vascular or heavy strength training exercise but instead be the foundation for those movements.  Real Pilates stands alone and provides a framework that all other exercise and movement easily fits on top of.  Some prefer to only do Pilates while almost all professional athletes maintain their Pilates program to enhance their sport and reduce their risk of injury.  

Pure Body Studio has very high standards for our teachers.  All of our teachers are either comprehensively trained or in the process of becoming comprehensively trained.  That means that each of our teachers will have completed a 450 hour teacher training program with a practicum at the end.  The programs represented at Pure Body Studio are the best in the world.  We have teachers from BASI, Pilates Center of Boulder, Lolita's Legacy, and the teachings passed on from those and other master teacher trainers.  Heather Erdmann, the owner of Pure Body Studio, also teaches a 450 hour program that she created and a handful of our instructors have come through her program and now teach at Pure.  There are no 'weekend-course' teachers here - you are in the hands of someone highly skilled, very well trained and vetted by Pure before ever stepping on to the teaching floor.  We also require continuing education every quarter - we believe our teachers should always be learning and delivering cutting edge, science based Pilates.  



New client 10 class package, $350.  This package was created with the new client in mind.  Try any of our signature classes and decide based on your experiences how you'd like to proceed.  This package allows you to take any and all of our studio classes including all of our reformer classes, all of our mat classes, barre, Yamuna body rolling, any circuit class, chair classes and of course suspension training on the TRX straps which is a nice compliment to any authentic Pilates program.  This ten pack includes a free orientation class which is how all new clients get started at Pure.  The New Client Ten Pack is good for four months.  

New client individual sessions, $150.   This package of three individual sessions allows you to step gently into Pilates at Pure.  Working one on one with one of our teachers this affords you the time to ask questions specific to you and your body and get familiar with our equipment and Pilates exercises before deciding to join our classes or continue on with individual instruction.

New client membership, free orientation.  Our memberships are the most cost effective way to work out at Pure Body Studio.  If you're ready to make the commitment and take advantage of our robust class schedule we give you the signature Orientation class for free.  Orientation is a special Pure Body Studio welcome class and is required of all new clients no matter your experience with Pilates.  

Not sure what's best for you?  No problem.  Our front desk is standing by to help you either in person or via email.  Call (713) 660-7873 or come by Monday - Thursday between 8a and 5:30p and Friday 8a-2p.  Email info@purebodystudio.com 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we'll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.


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