Pure body teacher training : host studios 

A teacher training program without the hassle.

Pure Body Teacher Training was created to produce educated, professional and successful in-house teachers. Now, Pure is bringing their 600-hour, comprehensive program to your studio. Host studio owners have the opportunity to bring in Pure's Teacher Training Faculty to attract knowledgable teachers of their own and develop current staff both personally and professionally. 

Pure Body Teacher Training Faculty 


Heather Erdmann, PMA Certified Pilates Teacher and studio owner, is a body mechanics problem solver.  She helps to take clients out of chronic pain, improves gait or simply helps rehab after a surgery or injury to restore mechanical function to any body, no matter the circumstances. 

Heather uses Pilates, Safe Spine techniques, Movement Principles and calming breathing techniques to bring clients to their ideal functional posture.   She has studied with Balanced Body University, Stott, Classical Lineages in Pilates, Rebecca Leone, local Physical Therapists and a long list of master body workers. 

Heather brings an intuition and education that brings relief and improved function to all clients that see her 1:1.  In class, she imparts knowledge on posture and alignment that will help function, efficiency, speed and injury prevention in any other physical environment.  (ie: it will improve your body for crossfit, spin class, tennis, golf, long distance running, sprinting, carpool driving - etc..)  These teachings are for you to take with you into all that you do. 


Jaime White is a third-generation Classical Pilates instructor with over 13 years of teaching experience. Her clients have ranged from NFL athletes, triathletes, post-rehab, and Pilates apprentices and teachers.

Jaime loves helping her clients achieve their personal goals, whether it’s a more efficient golf swing, less aches and pains, strength, flexibility, weight goals, or just better health. Jaime’s ability to see incorrect alignments in the body and address them through precise verbal and tactile cues is very useful in helping clients understand the work in their body. She likes to keep her sessions fun and energetic.

Although she is meticulous on form, her sessions aren’t for the fainthearted. You can expect Jaime to push and inspire you to make real changes. That said, if you are currently struggling with an injury or just recovering from one, she will make sure to keep you safe, growing steadily, and remaining active during this time.


Anula Maiberg was born in Israel and moved to NYC in 2001 in order to pursue a career in photography. While working on her degree at the School of Visual Arts she fell in love with Pilates through the classes and private sessions she took around the city. After receiving her Masters in Fine Art from the Royal College in London and a few years at a "desk" job she realized happiness wasn't in front of the computer screen.

She decided to attended the Kane School for Core Integration (Kinected) to become a fully certified teacher graduated in 2009. After several years teaching she was accepted into the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Masers Program led by Cara Reeser of Pilates Aligned in Denver and graduated in 2014.

Anula is passionate about upholding the traditions and principles of Pilates while being able to update and personalize them for the needs of her students. She also feels strongly about volunteering her time to the LGBTQ community and believes Pilates is a wonderful movement modality and a tool for healing in a supportive environment.

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