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pure body : Real training : real teaching 

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Pure Body Studio's Comprehensive Teacher Training was created when studio owner, Heather Erdmann, found herself in need of high integrity, knowledgeable teachers. The goal: provide the education required to produce capable, ethical professional and successful teachers for her studio. 

Pure's program contains classical and contemporary variations, modifications, contraindications and regressions and progressions for every exercise. Students participate in lecture, movement practice and exploration, student teaching, practice teaching, observation and testing. This 600-hour program also includes Pilates anatomy, diagnoses (common injuries and pathologies) and basic, helpful strategies when working with clients.

Participants will start with Foundations, a module focused on the history of Pilates, professionalism and ethics. This first module sets the tone for all modules to come, giving students the foundation to be successful both on and off the mat. Foundations includes the introduction of our six movement building blocks. These building blocks are integral to the Pilates program and uniquely taught in our 600-hour comprehensive program. Understanding these movements and applying them to all future modules, allows participants to easily grasp, master and confidently teach creating positive and uplifting experiences for both teacher and student.

Since 2012, Pure's program has had full enrollment, and is now replicating their program for other studio owners.