Pure Body Studio | Spring Happenings

Industry class (for teachers) 3/4

Industry Class taught by Jaime White,  3/4, 12pm

$50 per teacher, email us to sign up

Pilates Industry Chair Class

pop up! Yamuna body rolling  3/1

Breathe. Release. Repeat. The techniques in this yamuna class will allow you to keep doing what you love, find improved performance, and freer movement. We will focus on a total body unwinding, balance, strength and alignment.    3/1 5:30pm

yamuna body rolling


primal movement works! 3/24

Primal Pilates Class with Louise Johns

Invite some movement into your body with this Primal Movement WORKS!  class by Louise Johns. She takes the skills you learn from your Pilates practice, adds in work inspired by early motor development and ancestral postures, and gets you moving so you can create a little heat in your body. These movement experiences will help to increase proprioception and coordination so you can improve your learning capacity. By letting go of some of your control, you will be able to refine, refresh, and revitalize your body through the dynamic nature of this practice.

Candlelight movement 2/25

Take a moment to unplug and disconnect with us during our mat-based, candlelight Pilates class. Expect breathing, centering, concentration, control, flow and precision during this 50 minute candlelight class.  2/25 6:30pm 

The New Science of

Pain Resolution 3/10

Carole Mafrige is passionate about helping people with brain health, especially resolving chronic pain. The presentation "The New Science of Pain Resolution" reveals the many factors involved in the pain response, and explains how they affect us.

If you or a loved one is dealing with chronic pain, this information could be the first step toward reclaiming a pain-free and vibrant life. This talk is educational in nature, and the goal is to empower listeners with tools they can use themselves. 

Carole Mafrige is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition(R) Practitioner. She founded Functional Health Associates wih a simple but powerful philosophy: address the root cause instead of chasing symptoms. Her innovative Brain Camp program helps clients who are dealing with chronic pain as well as those who are struggling with ADHD issues. 

For more information on neurosage, visit her website.  

Primal Movement master class with Louise Johns