Your First Pure Experience


We suggest arriving 5 minutes early to your first class or session. 


Exercise or workout apparel is appropriate to wear to class or your individual session. We work barefoot, so you will not be needing shoes. If you like to wear "grippy socks" you're more than welcome to bring your own pair or purchase a pair at the studio.

What to Bring 

Yourself! Everything is provided here at Pure. Mats, towels and water are ready for you to use.  There is a filtered water machine in the back (cups included) and towels are available when you first walk in. 

Sign In

Sign in is done through our iPad sitting on the front desk. If you forget to do it - don't fret - our Front Desk Team will be sure to sign you in. 

Do I have a Place to Change 

Come straight from work or roll out of bed - either way we have two bathrooms in the back that are free for you to use.