“Emily is one of the best instructors I have ever known. She does something different - I can’t really explain what - that gets your body deep and stretches you out and aligns you for the week. One thing about working out at Pure Body Studio, that I love, is that there is this constant attention to our whole selves - ways we can be better inside and outside the studio. In just a matter of weeks I feel different - stronger and more flexible and healthier than ever as I go about my day.”
— Ali D.
“I want to thank you for offering the awesome Barre classes at 1:30 on Monday and Wednesday. I have never been stronger. Also, i have never been more centered - I have been able to make an important commitment Monday and Wednesday mornings, knowing I can still get my ‘Pure’ time in the afternoon.”
— Jessica C
“The crazy thing is, I never thought I could cook. Ironically these types of meals come very naturally to me, and do not require a lot of advanced cooking skills or seasonings. Seven days ago I had never used a grill, and now I’m using it daily without a problem. Maybe this was always supposed to be my gig. I’m so calm around mealtime, because I know I can produce something yummy. It’s the exact opposite of how I normally feel. More than a scale victory is a “redefining my identity” victory!
— Whitney W. on Pure30