2-Day Workshop with Michele Larsson

Line Studio (map)

Day 1 - Pilates & Scoliosis
Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that occurs most often during a growth spurt, before the onset of puberty. It affects one in ten people in the United States. This hands-on workshop will benefit our clients by enhancing our skills specific to Pilates and Scoliosis.

Day 2 morning - The Gentry Work
This segment explores Eve Gentry’s pre-Pilates exercises along with Michele Larsson’s Pilates Solutions. Eve brilliantly trained her clients to be bio-mechanically efficient, allowing them to move without pain, eventually performing a full Pilates workout. We will discover how the Gentry technique can help our clients learn the Pilates method and help us problem-solve and individualize our own lessons. We're looking forward to expanding our understanding of the Pilates method by learning how to identify problems, weaknesses and imbalances, and developing solutions that will allow us to provide the best possible Pilates experience.

Day 2 afternoon - Pilates & Active Aging
In order to develop methods to teach our older clientele, we need to understand the changes that occur during the aging process. This class looks at the age-related changes in our body, thoughts, emotions, and spirit. Physical fitness improves the performance of every organ, including the brain, and therefore our mental alertness and emotional state. However, what qualifies as appropriate activity in our 20s may not be appropriate in our 50s. By understanding these physical, emotional and spiritual changes, we can better respond to the needs of our clients.