Apprentice Program 

Spend the next six months of your Pilates career mentoring with Heather Erdmann.


Heather Erdmann, PMA Certified Pilates Teacher and studio owner, is a body mechanics problem solver.  She helps to take clients out of chronic pain, improves gait or simply helps rehab after a surgery or injury to restore mechanical function to any body, no matter the circumstances. 

Heather uses Pilates, Safe Spine techniques, Movement Principles and calming breathing techniques to bring clients to their ideal functional posture.   She has studied with Balanced Body University, Stott, Classical Lineages in Pilates, Rebecca Leone, local Physical Therapists and a long list of master body workers. 

Heather brings an intuition and education that brings relief and improved function to all clients that see her 1:1.  In class, she imparts knowledge on posture and alignment that will help function, efficiency, speed and injury prevention in any other physical environment.  (ie: it will improve your body for crossfit, spin class, tennis, golf, long distance running, sprinting, carpool driving - etc..)  These teachings are for you to take with you into all that you do. 

Apprenticeship Application

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